I don’t have time to do things like this…

…but it couldn’t be helped. I had arrived at an impasse with a painting, and the only options were to either start over, or leave her unfinished forever. So I overhauled the half-finished painting today…meaning I put it under a tap, squirted dishwashing liquid onto it, and scrubbed most of the paint off with a  Scotch Brite scouring pad.

Then pretty much started the painting over. Heart was not in it, but there’s no time to quibble now. Damn, I don’t know what would be worse…a show with some paintings that were heartlessly churned out,  or a show with only 4 paintings, all painted from the heart? Ack.

Yet another back-alley coat-hanger abortion…cleaned off, dressed in bright colors and bundled off to attend the birthday party. Hope no one notices… *pfft!*

Work tomorrow. My Mondays-only day-job. Even these measly 8 hours a week, I resent having to lay my brush down and shovel salads, instead. I resent being subjected to the mindless yammer of local radio stations and indifferently selected pop music. But I have been eating spaghetti, with nothing but salt, olive oil and fresh basil, for 4 days in a row, lunch and dinner, so yes, maybe it’s time to earn just a little bit of money, and buy something else to eat.

I should learn to fish…I live on a boat, after all. That would take care of both me, and the cat. Faced with meager rations, you know I’m more worried about the cat being displeased? He’s that sort of cat.


9 thoughts on “I don’t have time to do things like this…

  1. HHmmmmm I think this blog reading makes me a better person.
    I am humbled by the way you attack your Art….with passion and pride…….an exhibition is a body of work…..who says how big the body has to be….
    I vote for 4 with heart thanks
    What about some more of those mud crabs to eat……make a salad with Davids mangoes Yum…..
    I’ve made my life far too complicated…….keep at it girl….xo


    1. Oh, pfsh, passion and pride? My paintings are just amateurish and plug-ugly, that’s all that’s going on here! This particular one, I wanted to attack with a kitchen knife and slash to ribbons.
      I will not stop painting after this show, Shazz, I promise I’ll keep trying to get at what it’s really about (it’s eluding me, like a ghost…I see it in the corner of my eye, but when I look straight at it, it melts away) but I want to be able to do that without a deadline and 250 invitations sent out, mostly to strangers, who will not be amused. For now, I just need to get this show (dead albatross) off my neck.


  2. Eowww! I couldn’t bear to have done all that work only to re-start! But best to settle for nothing short of the best. 😉

    Hey how about some mangoes? Let me know it you want some.


    1. Never say no to mangoes…sugar distilled by sunshine. I grew up in a mango orchard. Do we do mangoes? Hell, yes! Baked, frozen, fresh, swimming in alcohol, candied, dried, still working on a way to mainline…
      Er…that’s a yes, please, David. And thank you!


  3. Many of my cartoons go through the same changes as the first attempt just doesn’t get it so it is natural that the painter has those redo times do. It must be painful for the sculptor , however, eh? I mean you can’t redo a block of stone. Can’t be fixed.


    1. Absolutely. I just hate that it’s three weeks to show time *tears hair and jumps around in a hunched position, screaming No! No! No!* But I will live through this. Withered, but I will live! A block of stone? God, I would have killed myself if the finishing touch shattered the block, to be sure.


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