The Wild Teacup Dance

the wild teacup dance

This strange creature popped into existence last Tuesday, just like that. I started with ideas of  Kali, The Destroyer, and ended up with this, instead. Very weird. Far from done, but I am happy I got so much in a single afternoon…

Some of the ideas that were floating around when I started this:

willow plates and Meissen porcelain…….willow trees….fertility rites…..Goddess Kali, the Destroyer……French mimes……Morris dancing……leprechauns…..redheads


4 thoughts on “The Wild Teacup Dance

    1. Thanks, Mims! ‘Twill be a simple one, I think…last one was so busy, I finished it disgusted with myself…a “kitchen sink” painting. Trying to keep this one really calm and focused. How’d your thesis go? Still working on that, or is it over already? I can’t quite remember whether you’ve had the show na. Don’t suppose you posted pics of the work anywhere on the net? Then again, with Rakesh and Ravi bouncing around in your life right now, I can imagine you have better things to do than spend all your time online, uploading! LOVE! HUGS! Nose rubs to the little ones for me. Miss you heaps.


    1. Hmm…I don’t know. Nothing that I’ve kept, anyway. I don’t often do nubile young women, because I draw from life, and I am not a nubile young woman. 🙂 Weirdness, on the other hand…I have plenty of works that feature weirdness.


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