September’s for sado-masochism

Just now, while looking at this photo, I suddenly thought of that nursery rhyme:

“There was an old woman who lived in a…” Mill?

Plodding along on this painting…pushed myself to do the hardest bit first and that, for me, was painting a human being. Myself, actually. Or it should have been me, I based my sketches on a photograph I took with self-timer. But I made such a terrible mess of the face, I don’t know why it is that I have such a terrible time with the human profile. Like I am stuck on an idea of what a profile should look like, that I am not actually seeing what a profile really is. Anyway, I managed to get the face to the point where the girl looks like a human being, and not a plug-ugly one, either, but hell, that is not my face!  *sigh* Doesn’t matter, she symbolizes me, anyway—at least that became clear to me when I found myself painting an embroidery hoop into her hands (instead of the originally intended coffee cup and saucer…which could also have been me, but less intensely)

I’m going to leave her as is, and go on to finish the rest of the painting now…smooth sailing, after the struggle with that face, as far as I’m concerned.

September! Part of my plans were to embark on a kind of Nazi Self-Improvement Program when this month rolled around. So, it’s only day 2 of the month, and things still look pretty hopeful, motivation is there, energy is there, confidence…

First of all, I signed up for the September challenge. That means I will try to write 750 words every single day during the month of September. Have you tried 750Words, yet? It’s an online version of The Artist’s Way’s Morning Pages. What I love most about writing my three pages on Buster Benson‘s site is that you get badges now and then (you wouldn’t believe what a great motivator a bunch of cute, cartoony badges can be!)…working your way up from egg to penguin to albatross to pheonix and so on, until you reach Pegasus, and Space Bird! (500,000 words). Also, I love the stats. Tracking number of words, speed in which I complete my 750 words,  the little graphs and charts of my performance. Just for kicks I like to look at my Thought/Feeling pie chart every day. This bit of 750Words is endearing, but quite useless. It tries to figure out how you were feeling or what was uppermost in your mind by analyzing the words you used, and how many times you used them. I have had some pretty funny pie charts from 750Words, the most memorable being this one:

happy death

Now, to get a Thought/Feeling chart like this, it’s possible that all I had to write was, “Oh my GOD, darling Bono kissed me at the U2 concert, I’m so freaking HAPPY that I COULD JUST DIE!!!” Hilarious. Damn lies and statistics. 🙂

Also created by Buster Benson, I’ve signed up to play the online game Healthmonth. Works similar to 750Words in that it tracks your progress every day: your game wall gives you stats, tries to encourage you with points, pieces of fruit, perky comments, pie-charts of the levels of ease-to-hardship of your chosen rules.

You make your own rules. They’re basically do and don’t rules that you can tweak to suit your personal needs. With 12 rules in my own game, I’m in a fairly hard level. I have diet, quality of life, exercise, money, and addiction rules to follow this month. I won’t keep all of them, all the time, I know, but I don’t care so long as I am doing my best and keeping to the general idea behind these rules. I’m not a competitive person, so the thought that other players might see me breaking all my rules and being slack and running out of life points or cartoon fruit doesn’t really bother me. The biggest motivation of this game, to me, is that I paid $5 that I can scarce afford these days, to play it!

september healthmonth screenshot

So far, so good. Lost a life point for smoking yesterday…meh! >~< Watcha gonna do, take away my birthday? But I’ve lost a kg. since last week, too, so I’m feeling cheeky and on the up, anyway.

If you’re trying to get into the habit of writing every day, or have a health/lifestyle regimen that you need a little push to stick to, have a look at Buster’s sites, they might be just the right thing for you.

5 thoughts on “September’s for sado-masochism

  1. I love how your painting has been developing over time. I feel like it’s going to be something really amazing when you’re all done, but I’ve really been enjoying watching the evolution in the meantime.


    1. Thanks, Denise, it’s nice to see it through someone else’s eyes. I am too close to it to be able to tell whether it’s anything but an unfinished project, an urgent “To Do”, a shot in the dark. Way out of my comfort zones, painting, so I am doubting/criticizing it constantly. It’s taking forever, I’m starting to panic! 🙂 Two months left…


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