Giants of Embroidery: Jazmin Berakha

embroidery by Jazmin Berakha

Jazmin Berakha. Her various web accounts tell us hardly anything about her. That she is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina…and that she is also

“a visual artist with a wide formation in the field of the plastic arts , develops her work in different disciplines, using different supports such as illustration, embroidery, installation, graphic and costume design.”

Such reticence—combined with so many images featuring her strikingly modern embroidered illustrations—is both irresistible and intimidating.

embroidery by Jazmin Berakha

While I have to tell the world every time I manage to embroider anything larger than a button with anything more sophisticated than a cross stitch, here is this amazing artist who never says anything about her work, and who seems to use embroidery with both great skill and insouciance.

embroidery by Jazmin Berakha

Some days I  imagine that she is a shy, gifted artist—the maker of so many beautiful things, but too modest to make a big fuss over them—and on other days I tell myself she must be so superior, so bored with people, that she simply makes what she makes, and can’t be bothered to explain any of it, except to her clients. She may, of course, be neither! And I like that, not knowing who she is or what she’s like.

embroidery by Jazmin Berakha

No, I’m not going to e-mail her or introduce myself and try to find more out about her, because if she had wanted the attention, she would’ve put more of herself out there, in the first place. If being reticent is the price one pays for being so prolific and distinctive, then good grief, let her be reticent!

Besides, it’s nice to be in thrall to a mystery, sometimes.

embroidery by Jazmin Berakha

via Jazmin Berakha’s blog, website, and Tumblr.


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