Ice cream sandwiches

felt ice cream sandwiches

More kawaii felt goodies for breakfast…little roundels of fantasy ice-cream, sandwiched between puffy biscuits. The how-to for these came from a Japanese craft magazine that I purchased here. The diagrams are simple enough to understand, if you have some sewing experience, that it doesn’t seem to matter that the text is in Japanese.

The one with blue sequins (the Dance Fever ice-cream sandwich) was a bit of craziness that I added because the color of the sequin braid exactly matched that of the felt; but what a strange thing to have on something that’s supposed to look like food! Personally, I prefer the pink one, with just a sprinkling of french knots and some shading.

One of the best ideas to come from Japanese felt craft magazines is the way they color the felt. I love working with felt, but the limited color palette has always been the one drawback of the material. In these craft magazines they use wax crayons, oil pastels, soft colored pencils, creamy makeup (for rosy cheeks on dolls) applied with cotton buds, to give an object shading, texture, depth. On the felt pastries and things, a golden brown edge makes them look like they’ve just come out of the oven. It’s such a simple trick—certainly easier than applying bits of felt roving with a felting needle (materials and tools I don’t have) or embroidering them—but perfectly effective. It can make a felt object pop into realism…or at least it might have if I hadn’t put blue sequins on the poor thing!

As I made these I also took photographs for a tutorial, which I’ll be posting on From Hell to Breakfast later (so don’t rush over there just yet, give me a day!) after I’ve cropped and fixed the photos, written up instructions, and drawn a diagram or two. (Tutorials. They seem so simple, but wow, how the hours fly when you’re tweaking and putting one together!)

miniature Ice Cream sandwiches


8 thoughts on “Ice cream sandwiches

    1. The sequins deflect the heat, Carl! And everything’s upside-down on Planet Dance Fever…you wear your spandex undies on the outside, ice-cream needs to sit in the sun, and it’s the coffee I had to stick back in the freezer after I’d taken the photos, so it wouldn’t melt. 🙂


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