Picking away at it

moulin d'or

Not feeling very chatty, (I’m sooo drowsy!) but here’s one of the things I’ve been working on, while my hand is healing and I spend these days at home, on the boat. It’s busy and a mess, but I’m just trying to get past it, now. Finish the thing, learn from the mistakes (hopefully) and try and make the next one a little better.

It was stupid to put the horizon line in the middle like that. Sort of like one of the ten commandments of compostion. Thou shalt not split things into two parts! Thou shalt use the rule of thirds, or something closer to it, anyway.

Image via Wikipedia

It was stupid to paint the foreground before the background, and then have to awkwardly paint around finished parts.

It was stupid to start with the darker colors, and then struggle to cover them up later with lighter colors that are less than opaque.

It was stupid to attempt this painting without at least a rough sketch, thumbnail, or idea of what I wanted to do!

Like I said, I just want it to be done, and I hope I’ve learned something from the experience to make the next one a bit less crazy!


6 thoughts on “Picking away at it

  1. Good luck with the painting. I get what you’re saying and suppose you’re right but I like it anyway.
    It reminds me of a song by a group called The Naysayer, see youtube link below.


    1. Ah, I’m not tearing my hair, just trying to learn But as I said, I will finish it, it’s not as though it’s godawful, lots of people like it, I like it, too. And I loved the song! I’m off to listen to The Naysayer on iTunes, and see what else they have. Yes, the painting does sort of feel like that song. It made me so happy! Thank you for introducing me to new music!


  2. discussing your issues with this work here on your blog also teaches some of us things we can avoid.
    Nat you have learnt so much from this work and I can see you are pushing yourself to ‘finish’ it….what if you did that in a radical way… perhaps reinvent it instead….is this on canvas ???
    that little pink bike is special and so is your coffee grinder…..cut them out Get a new canvas paint a background or get some texture into it.. shift your horizon and use glue and stitching to put the bike etc onto the new canvas…..Glue the grinder pic to a jar decorate it with what ever… use it for your coffee beans….the bike would be fantastic on a journal cover with some fab crazy patch work around it…..Just an idea…….perhaps its calling you to look outside the square….
    I hope the hand is getting better…Shazzy


    1. Thanks, Marta, I wasn’t fishing for compliments or anything! And I don’t think I’m being too hard on myself…these are concrete, avoidable mistakes I made, and I am struggling now because of them.

      Subject-wise it IS a peek into my mind. 🙂 You’re right about that!

      It’s not complete rubbish or anything like that. But I have to be critical because, in the end, it’s criticism, and not praise, that teaches. Learning where I went wrong will save me a lot of erasing and covering over, next time. Most people tend to be really nice about what I make, so it’s up to me to nitpick and raise the bar. The painting could be much better, and I’ll never get where I am trying to go if I am easy and nice on myself! 😉 It’s okay, it won’t drive me to drink, but I have an image in my head, and I’ll know when I manage to execute it. Thanks for your lovely comments on here! 🙂


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