A fascinating interaction occurred today, between my palm, a stubborn walnut, and a chef’s knife. Stupid accident, and entirely my fault; this has brought me up against the sobering thought, once again, of how tenderly our lives roll along…a small thing like stabbing yourself in the hand can derail the day, and we swerve off to someplace we never wanted to go. There go today’s plans to row ashore, cycle to town, do things, go places…

I’m fine, I’m fine, it doesn’t even hurt anymore…though the first half hour after it happened was AMAZING…the nuances of great and greater pain! Then the way the whole body reacted to the wound: nausea, and the whistling sound of rushing wind in my ears, and the way the room started to slosh around like a storm at sea. It was almost worth doing, just to be able to sit, moaning weakly, and register each new, horrible sensation.

Poor me, guess that means I’ll just have to sit and embroider the rest of the day…

and watch the sea slide out and back into the harbour with the tides…

and read a good book (btw, I’ve just finished Barbara Walker’s Reading By Moonlight…a great book about how reading and storytelling can help us get through difficult times, and to heal)...

and listen to classical music…

and photograph the green-gold light and shadow cast by a bottle of olive oil in the blazing sun.

Alas. 😛



16 thoughts on “ouch.

    1. Thank you, I tried my best…funny, embroidery was harfer than I thought. Painting was good, though. Maybe I was being a drama queen? It still hurts to row, but otherwise, I am functioning normally. So not as big a deal as I thought (or it healed really quickly in 24 hours)


  1. oh ma gah.. am i right – walnut in one hand, knife on the other in an attempt to open it? aray.. hope its healing well and fast. precious hands of yours nat 🙂


    1. Oh, no, Donnell, I was trying to juggle the cat, the nut, and the knife, but when the cat freaked out, I caught the knife point-down on my palm. ;D Kidding. Yes, they’re paper-skinned walnuts, and I wasn’t forcing the knife into the nut, but you stick the point into the top hole, and twist, and it opens really easily. But the boat I live on did a lurch, and the knife slipped down the side of the nut. 🙂 Learning curve.


      1. That sounds awful. I’m sorry. I’d have thrown up on it too from the lurching and the blood. Yuck! I hope that heals soon. I like to read about all of your crafting. I also think it’s cool that live on a boat.


        1. If it was really bad I wouldn’t have joked about it, so I guess I’m just being sooky. *big grin* Being mothered by the internet is fun! He he. I’m grateful you like what I write, thanks for your comments. And living on a boat has its ups and downs, though on the whole I think it’s cool, too. 🙂


    1. Hugs you back! Thanks, I really hope I can row ashore tomorrow…diner tonight was penne with a drizzle of oyster sauce and a small tin of canned corn. Like a bachelor dude in college, anything goes! Buti pa yung pusa, maraming pagkain…


  2. “Ouch” is right!! I’ve had a couple more-serious-than-I-like chef’s knife vs. my fingers injuries. You don’t need stitches, eh?

    I like the face you put on the bandaging, and I’m glad to hear your owie won’t interfere with your embroidering :).


    1. I don’t think I need stitches…I’m not sure! But it’s sort of bonded together, and isn’t bleeding, so I guess it will knit. And it actually DID interfere with my embroidery! So I painted, instead. 🙂


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