Whimsicle Creamsicle journals…for your Sweet Toof.

sweet toof 919

ice cream journals collage
Only made eight of the ‘whimiscle’ Sweet Toof  journals, so far. Took most of the afternoon to photograph these, and the eight patchwork journals from recent posts, to my Madeit and ETSY shops. Only three of the Sweet Toofs got posted, but I’m just so sick of sitting in front of my laptop. I need a break. I need to maybe eat somthing? It’s 5 in the afternoon, and all I’ve had is coffee and a piece of toast at 7 this morning. See you tomorrow. 🙂
book 913 - 1
patchwork journals (8) - 03

sweet toof journals


4 thoughts on “Whimsicle Creamsicle journals…for your Sweet Toof.

  1. I love the creamsicles – that little bite makes them look so three-dimensional! But the patchwork ones are my favourites. The combination of colours is so tropical and lush. :o)


    1. Thanks! Made in a rush (the creamsicle ones) and I am already ‘improving’ them in my head for the next batch…more body and depth, I think. And a better background. No rest for the wicked (or the OC)


  2. I just discovered your patchwork journals on madeit, and wow! I absolutely love them! I have also loved reading your blog, you have such an interesting lifestyle, and your photography is beautiful. So glad I discovered you, I will have to start saving for one of your journals!


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