At The Show

Didn’t see any cowboys, but then I was too busy giving bookbinding demonstrations in the craft pavilion. Kris and I did a quick walk around the show before my demo started…we had 20 minutes, so I mostly shot on the trot…

This is all probably very commonplace stuff for people who have been to a Royal Show (or a Country Fair), but it was my first Show, and I loved the color and busy-ness and kiddie-ness of it all…totally appealed to my inner child. I just wish I’d gone on a ride, but there was no time. There’s always next year!

P.S. There are a few more pics in my Flickr photoset for the Royal Darwin Show.


8 thoughts on “At The Show

  1. so bright and warm…..warm sunshine , laughter and fun…..I’m sure they will all be back soon
    Oh well back to the heater, down here in the south
    How did the Judging job go Nat ??? did you enjoy it??? were the works good ???


    1. Well, that sounded so wistful, I will send you some sunshine pronto! Sending you thoughts of warmth and light Shazz…
      The judging. I re-read your last comment over and over again before going. There were only 5 entries, you’d think it would be easy, yet I felt terrible awarding a first and second, leaving the others out. I tried to go by presentation, skill, techniques used. The work was very good…I was impressed and felt unworthy to be the judge of some of those artists. I hope they find someone else to do it next year! I also gave an hour-long demo on bookbinding, drew a little crowd when they figured out I wasn’t trying to sell them something. 😀 Thank you for the advice you gave me, it was all I had to go on, and in the end it was all that I needed. xx Nat


    1. Thank you, Teresa! *whispers* I’m in the process of making books 912-937, so I’ll be in touch soon about yours, coming up fast now that the craft market season is in full swing over here. 🙂


  2. Those unicorns- 3rd from the bottom- look like they’re having an amazing time.
    Sorry, you know one of us had to be immature.

    Thank you for reading my mind- I was brooding last night on how a ferris wheel is exactly what I’m after for something 😀


    1. Thanks, Carl! I’ll be sure to pass that along to folks with kids, kids rooms, and dens! ;D
      We live on a boat, so it’s very tight, and the only artwork up on the walls is our own…mainly because there’s nowhere else to store it. I like being at the Show, but I’d probably get tired real quick of the Show in my home. Kinda…loud, those posters.


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