Your ugliness is what makes you special…

time for soda?

In a blogging universe where everybody is trying to outdo each other in chic, trendy, or beautiful accessories for the home, I am posting pics of the wall clock that my better half brought home today. Tres chic, n’est-ce pas?

It’s not for our home and houseboat, thankfully…Kris needed a wall clock for his sailboat, to time his sextant shots with; the last clock he had melted when some molten steel from his above-deck welding dripped into the boat and set the bed, and then the built-in furniture, on fire. That wall clock, amazingly, still works…but the face is black beyond reading, and it is shaped like a Dali timepiece, now. A tribute to the resilience of Time.

Conceivable Soda

Enter Strawberry Soda clock. The elbowed straw sticking out at the top has its own battery, so that it can wave left-right-left, in time with the tick-tocking of the second hand. The pink beverage this box is supposed to contain has a shelf life of 180 months, and besides being “vacuumize” and “Appetizing”, is also “conceivable”. Well, that explains China’s population, right there.

Ugliness beyond belief, but it was the only large wall clock he could find in a hurry, and he paid all of $8 for it. You get what you pay for, I mumbled. (Terry Pratchett would counter “You get what you deserve.”) I was compelled to photograph it; I don’t think I’ve seen any home accessory so ghastly in my life. I can’t believe it’s ours. In a funny way, I feel proud. I’ll betcha Design*Sponge hasn’t got one of these! 😉

But Kris couldn’t stand it either, and he cracked the straw off…says he will paint the box white, tomorrow. So these may be the last Strawberry Soda Wall Clock photographs the world will ever see. Naturally I just had to share them with you. Now isn’t that special?

Not increase the antiseptic.


8 thoughts on “Your ugliness is what makes you special…

    1. We use it, it’s in the houseboat we live on. Good enough for our day-to-day, but for navigation it’s hopeless…loses 2 minutes a year or something crazy like that. Makes a huge difference to sextant readings.


    1. That’s life for you, I post what I’m sure will be a hideous wall clock, and I get Strawberry Soda clock supporters! ;D You’re the third person to say they like it or would put it in their home. Maybe we should swap…show me your wall clock! *kidding*


  1. I was wondering about the straw. Might have driven Kris batshit having that thing waving to and fro all the time. 😛


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