Secret Message Ninja

Secret Message Ninja
I’m all over the place, you’ll notice that about this blog. Just the way I roll…single-mindedness and constancy aren’t my virtues. 🙂 I hop from one thing to the next, as my enthusiasm ranges. But I finish what I start, so it’s okay.

Today’s project was something new: a little Secret Message Ninja, made in felt. She’s going to dress up the cover of a commissioned ‘secret messages’ journal, later today. I loved making this! Am definitely going to make a few more…hopefully before something else comes along and distracts me.

So much fun, and easy to do…she was done in a couple of hours. She’s basically 2-dimensional—a front and a back—with a bit of stuffing between to give her some form.

The pattern’s not mine to give away—I would share it, otherwise— it came from a Japanese craft magazine that I purchased from NataliaLujan on ETSY:

Felt Mascots Japanese magazinethe ninja mascot from the magazine

I changed the design around a bit, of course, because my client wants a little girl ninja, in hot colors, and I felt there should be a reference to the secret messages; so I made her in hot pink, gave her pigtails, bent her arm over and put a little love letter in her hand.


11 thoughts on “Secret Message Ninja

  1. omg, this is fantastic! I love your “focus”, very much like mine… I’m like a starling – I see something shiny and I’m off. But you do lovely work! And kudos for finishing things, that’s huge!


    1. Uy, salamat Ninay! ‘Di ba? Super-aliw ako sa kanya. Mas cute pa nga yung finished book…nakalimutan kong idikit yung knotted ends of her headscarf before photographing. And the background book-cover fabric looks like tatami. Will update post with pics of the finished journal tomorrow.


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