a boudoir chair?

in the sun

A pink and black stuffed chair? What next? *sigh* I don’t know, I keep trying to lead this painting to a bright and sunny park, and it keeps veering off towards the burlesque theater or cabaret…

To relieve the tedium of looking at this painting all the time (believe me, I’m tired of it, too), I snapped a pic of Mr. Dude for youโ€”he was napping in my old studio chair (the painting that I have spent all the daylight hours working on for the last 7 days does not impress him one smidgen.)

Seeing him from this angle, it becomes quite clear why Kris sometimes calls him ‘Pasha’. I have my own nickname for Dude, too…


Yeah, Fatty, you know I’m talking about you.


7 thoughts on “a boudoir chair?

  1. I love your work. I just landed here from pinterest to flickr to you and I’m thrilled! I just started a new blog about embroidery. Let me know if you’d be interested in having your work featured. Best,


  2. Its coming along well! the girl and her stripey socks speshly, making a mess on such a purty chair. oh yeah, and Fatty is adohhrabull โค


    1. Heavens, underatopazsky, I am so happy that this strange thing says ANYTHING to you…let alone something Frenchy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you. It’s not quite done, as you can see, but I am hoping the next few days will be an improvement to it (and not ruin it altogether! I never know, my head is in such a muddle, and painting is not my strength)


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