The finished wren softie

nutmeg done2
Put the wings on this morning. Nutmeg is done.

Did I say something about the wings being “the easy part”? Hah. I was cursing and swearing, and nearly ruined the embroidered wings when I tried to turn them right-side-out. You can see the rough patches on the front of wings, where the machine stitching came undone (all that pushing and stretching opened it up) and there were no seam allowances left to stitch back up after I’d gone and clipped them with pinking shears (Doh!)

For a while there I really thought I would have to embroider the wings all over again. But I managed to whip-stitch the openings, and he looks a bit ruffled, but still cheeky.

And this is just the prototype! Now I have to go back to the start and make up the real one. *sigh*…when the only thing I’d truly like to make at this moment is a martini…)

nutmeg done3

nutmeg done1


8 thoughts on “The finished wren softie

    1. Hello, Anneliese, and thanks for your visit! No, I’m not planning on producing numerous little wrens, but I am trying to draft the pattern and instructions for the making of the wren, to sell as digital files. So I need to make one more wren, using the pattern and instructions as they evolved up until now. I need to see if it is possible, with little dramas and with regular needleworking skills, to re-create this wren. If a stranger could do it, just by following my instructions. The wren is less an issue than presentation of the methods. *sigh*


    1. 🙂 No, no I’m not amazing, iHanna, lol…if you only knew by what crude and primitive means I reached this final product. Because he is the first, I made soooo many mistakes on this bird! That is what I mean. The next one, hopefully, there will be no guesswork, no undoing and re-doing, no covering up mistakes or trying to disguise flaws. Hopefully, the next one just comes smoothly into being. *fingers crossed!*


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