No time like the present…

gift wrapped for M.

M. purchased one of our handbound wooden journals from my Madeit shop, recently. It’s a birthday present for her husband, and I offered to wrap it for her. Now I’m not so sure that was a good idea, as I realize everybody has his/her own ideas of how to wrap a present for someone very special. It’s all very well to do something contemporary and creative with brown paper and hemp twine, but what if M’s own idea of a nicely wrapped present is glossy paper, bright colors, and gold foil accents?

It isn’t perfect, but I sure hope my treatment meets with M’s approval, as it took a bit of time to make, and the parcel goes into the post tomorrow. Love it or hate it, I can’t change it anymore.

I tried to keep it simple, playful, (basically) masculine. I personalised the parcel with hand-cut name and birthday greetings—using a sheet of scrapbook paper like wood veneer, to echo the wood of the journal itself. Made a pleated brown paper flower, some scored and folded leaves from old map prints, and tied a bit of hemp twine around it.

It’s got “handmade” written all over it. I wonder if that’ll be seen as a good, or a bad thing*? Well, I’ll find out in a week’s time, when M. gets her parcel in the post.

*Oh, heck, what’s the worst that can happen…that she’ll undo my work and re-wrap it herself? Not so terrible, is it? 😉

gift wrapped for M.


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