The day ends in “Fiery Frustration”

matchbox art

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.

—Kurt Vonnegut

fiery frustration: a fabric postcard

Just about ready to hurl my Singer overlocker into the harbor. Spent most of yesterday trying to figure out what was wrong with it…it’s been in storage for 2 years, and pretty much brand new, I hardly used it when I bought it. Now this big fat curtain job has come along, and I desperately need to overlock the pieces because it’s such heavy fabric that hemming would increase the bulk ridiculously.

I opened it up, cleaned and greased all the parts, threaded it…started the generator (bit tricky, you wrap a cable around the flywheel and pull as hard as you can)…tried it, no go…re-threaded it…found that the upper looper piston had seized…un-seized it…threaded it again…started the generator, tried it…not making chain stitches…re-threaded it…cleaned it again…finally got it all spinning and pumping…started the generator…then that accursed, un-seized upper looper swings up just as nice as you please, and snaps both needles into several small pieces and throws the needle plate out of whack.

It was night by this time. I was fuming and near to tears. A whole day gone, and nothing working. Desperate to get something right, I fired up the generator one last time, hauled out my regular sewing machine, and in a swirl of fabric scraps, paper bits and some ribbon, I made a long-overdue fabric postcard for Sharon McGrath. Sharon sent me a beautiful fabric postcard last May, and it was high time I made her one in reply.

I’ve been putting off making this postcard for a month, waiting for that perfect concord of peace, cheer, and stitchiness to strike me…and here all it took was the pent-up murderous energy, some rage against a machine, and the mule’s obstinacy to do something creative before the day was out.

It’s called “Fiery Frustration” and it was glee to sew. It improved my mood compeletely…I loved the colors, the random patches of fabric I tore and stitched down. I loved that I could go to my To Do list that evening and ‘X’ off an item that had been nagging at my conscience for a while.

Comin’ at ya, Shazz! Ahhh….X marks the spot.

fiery frustration: a fabric postcard


2 thoughts on “The day ends in “Fiery Frustration”

  1. Haven’t we all been there…..Overlockers were invented to frustrate….
    My postcard is the best…very proud of it
    Amazing how you have included so many materials in such a small space and it all works beautifully Nat
    thanks again…best of luck with the beast….or will we see it on SALE at the next market


    1. Hello, Shazz,
      Thanks for the lovely e-mail…I keep planning to write something substantial back, and now I’ve gone and left it too long, here you are again! I was thinking of selling the overlocker, but then I went and used a friend’s to finish my curtain job, and they are amazing things. I’m sure the moment I got rid of it, I would be wanting another. So I will take this to service and get it fixed. It’s practically brand new! I have used it maybe 3 hours since I bought it. LOL.
      You’re welcome for the card, it was fun, and the one you sent me was exquisite, thanks so much for that starting that little ‘correspondence’.
      How’s your ear? And did your cattle dog event go well? I checked out the link…delightful that there are enthusiasts for all sorts of things in this world! I learned something new. Thanks for that! Keep in touch. xoxoxo


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