Sunday in the park, with sewing

Nadine and I met up last Sunday for lunch and a coffee at Fannie Bay’s CoolSpot (a long-standing favourite of the locals, for coffee, cake, massive burgers, fish and chips).

Leaving the café, the park across the street looked so inviting—its little grove of trees filtering the sunlight and strewing the lawn with gold—that we wandered over to sit on the grass for a while. We had each brought a small stitching project along—a kind of “In case of idleness, thread needle” sewing kit—so we pulled these out and stitched as we talked.

All I had were my dozen silk kiwi fruit slices…I set about blanket-stitching the edges on these…while Nadine worked on one of her small purses. She’s an avid traveller, and finds these compact pouches to be the ideal size to carry her cards and the few bills and coins she needs when exploring a new city on foot. The cord is secured from a belt loop in her trousers, and the pouch fits snugly in her pocket. She is making more of them to give to her friends, as she flies home to Germany for a few weeks.

The sun was on its way out of the sky when we finally parted. We hadn’t really planned on spending the entire Sunday in a park, though once we were settled (the crisp, cool Dry Season weather was perfect for sitting outdoors) and had our projects in hand…well, the day just fell into place.

It’s a great feeling to be perfectly content with something as simple as a tiny spot of needlework on a public patch of grass under a few trees…to not want a single thing more than what is there, at that very moment. A feeling of abundance and gratification made all the more remarkable by the fact that very little could actually be taken away from the moment to change that feeling.

Funnily enough, the stitching had a lot to do with the day’s satisfaction. I would have felt less contentment, I think, if I had merely flopped around on the lawn, gabbing away, had been eating all day, or twisting a lock of hair around my finger, instead. I actually got some small tasks done, besides having real conversations with Nadine, and enjoying the glorious weather out of doors.

Don’t you just love hand-stitching for the freedom it gives us to take our creative urges along on picnics, long commutes, get-togethers with friends or family, and mesh one lovely facet of our lives with the others?


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