Nutmeg The Wren

It’s slow going, but I am enjoying the challenge and all the different aspects of softie designing. Like wire feet. What a pain in the butt it is to design tiny posable bird feet that also look convincing and are structurally sound!

Still just a prototype, but this one I am not going to cut apart with scissors and a scalpel, like I did the other two. Pretty happy with the pattern shapes, at this point, so I am keeping this one., and took the time to try an embroidery pattern out (Gah! embarrassing closeup! what terrible stitching along those seams…too much in a hurry!) on his back.

I’ve also given him a name: Nutmeg.


5 thoughts on “Nutmeg The Wren

    1. I’m thrilled to bits with him, to be honest, as I’ve never tried to design a softie before. And so happy you like him! He’s actually got pretty pronounced eyebrows that can make him look a little stern, or roguish. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I wanted a sweeter face? Problem is i the pattern pieces, am not sure I want to unpick and start all over again…maybe I’ll try another, slightly different bird later. Thanks, Denise!


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