Saturday leftovers, and some stitched kiwi fruit

Not many pictures of the Seabreeze Festival last Saturday…we were too busy making coffee. Here is a handful of shots I took just after we had finished setting up, but before the festival had started. Beautiful day…it’s like having a summer without the wilting heat. Snapped some kids playing on the beach as the tide was coming in. The guy with the dog was strolling about on a sand bank for a little too long, and had to wade through chest-deep water to get ashore. Doggy swam.

I love Darwin in The Dry.

Only one picture of the guys…I even forgot to take a doughnut picture! I bought a giant box of donuts in the morning, with the vague idea that I might hand them out with the coffees, for The Day of The Doughnut. They were terrible doughnuts—cheap jam-filled ones from the supermarket, I only ate one, myself. But when they saw them on the table, people wanted to BUY them! So I sold ’em for a dollar each, and we sold the whole box, and I made $30 net! Yes! Ka-ching! A huge business success…considering what I am making as a bookbinder these days…LOL Maybe I should switch occupations.

Today was a public holiday for May Day. Kris took his bicycle for a jaunt to Howard Springs Reserve, and I spent the afternoon revelling in the Dry Season weather on deck—with Mr. Fat-and-Silly, Dude, for company.

Was happy as Larry with a sewing basket on my lap, hand-stitching a dozen little silken rounds of kiwi fruit for I-know-not-what-purpose, yet. Probably a journal, though, if you know me. I love the acidic, greeny-gold sheen of the dupioni silk, and the way it contrasts with the felt.


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