Mail art on the first of May

We hadn’t paid a visit to our post office box for a few weeks, so I had a real surprise today upon finding, among the invitations to exhibit openings and the bank statements, three beautiful pieces of mail art in it.

Jenni wrote me a long letter about art, language, and her new home in Langkawi, Malaysia. She filled the margins with, and added cut-outs of, her bright drawings: hot-house lilies in brilliant tropical colours, tendrils and curly swashes on her letters.

Shazz sent me a richly embellished fabric postcard. Layers of color and texture play in Shazz’s work, leading the eye around to marvel at little details of stitch or pattern.I savour the way the postage stamp she used—a large stamp featuring Lake Eyre during The Dry—is echoed by the thread play of the fabric card, itself…shades of silvery sand and blue sky veined with clouds, softened by shimmery iridescent threads that look like the heat rising off a desert.

Shazz also sent me an artist’s trading card called Fire…a layer of sandy fabric, cut away to reveal a vivid, intense welt of red fabric underneath, emphasized by bold black machine-stitching, was inspired by the Victoria Bush Fires.

Thanking you both, Jenni and Shazz! It is so nice having creative, talented friends who take the time to send you lovely handmade letters and works of art from all over the world, through the post! I love all three creations intensely (will send e-mails soon!)

Now I have to get offline and get started making my replies! That reminds me, it’s time for another postcard to Jason Moss…


5 thoughts on “Mail art on the first of May

  1. Mail art are such tressures, and I love your photos and mosaic of the “post box finds”! I get very inspired by fabric postcards, I think I need to put it on my to-do-list again! 🙂


    1. so do I, Hanna! Any way made, mail art just makes me want to do something incredible, put a gorgeous stamp on it, and send it off to amaze someone when they open their mailbox! I actually take on too many mail art ‘calls’ because of how excited I get when I see them…


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