The Dough has Risen! Praise The Lard…

mmmm doughnut ...
mmmm bunchofpants


It’s The Day of The Donut! Rejoice!

I like The Day of The Donut (even though they misspelled doughnut) because it’s neither religious nor patriotic, the dogma is simple to digest, the subject is a fairly lovable character that is nice to smell and pretty to look at (though I wouldn’t really eat more than one doughnut per year—on The Day of Donut, of course—because it is such a noxious little bundle of trans fats, refined low GI carbohydrates,  and artificial thises, E-number thatses).

Anyway, they remind me of being 16, and of summer remedial classes (because I had flunked Chemistry) at the notorious St. Joseph’s College on España Avenue. I lived on Coke, doughnuts and Marlboros that summer. Remarkably, I was a skinny, sassy, defiant thing. *sigh* AND I came to love Chemistry.

I was inspired by these memories to commemorate the doughnut in a calorie-free felt version. In fact, I made two.

I rushed the first one in a flurry of excitement (impulsive, really) and since I didn’t quite know what I wanted, made an insipid doughnut. Vanilla and strawberry? AckArghOhGods! Not a pantywaist?!

The next one, I made with a stronger, clearer vision (i.e. chocolate) and with more intent (to document the steps for a quick tutorial, which you’ll find on from Hell to Breakfast.)

They’re quick to do (good lap project for a few hours in the afternoon), can be tarted up and decorated to look as patisserie-fancy as you please, and felt (yes, even acrylic felt) is a beauty to stitch with…it hides all your stitches in fluff. It doesn’t fray. You don’t need to leave seam margins, sew things inside-out, clip the seams and turns…none of that. And it stretches a bit when you stuff it, so those puckers and wrinkles you accidentally made vanish.

Day of the Donut 4: "We DEMAND it!"Now get out there, and show those doughnuts some love today!


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