Are you ready? April 30 is The Day of The Donut (International)

Jackalopes Demand Donuts!

Finally, a movement I can get enthusiastic about. Just one week more to go, people, get ready!

This year, The Day of The Donut is on April 30. “We DEMAND that Flickr provide FREE donuts for Flickr members, worldwide!” is the main thing, but lots of people find this a bit aggressive, so gathering together for the love of donuts has sort of become a counterpart ‘reason for the season’.

Congregate near your local donut pusher…I mean, purveyor…and get into those donuts! Take pictures, too (very important for the cause) and post ’em in the official flickr We Demand Donuts group’s pool, tagging dayofthedonut. The logo, below, is for everyone to use and spread the word, too.

Happy Day of The Donut!

Day of the Donut 4: "We DEMAND it!"


2 thoughts on “Are you ready? April 30 is The Day of The Donut (International)

  1. I will celebrate this special day with you and the rest of the doughnuts- er, doughnut celebrators, lovers, munchers, coffee dunkers (oreo is to milk as doughnut is to coffee, they say). 😀


    1. Yay! Solidarity! I’m breaking my diet for this special day…in memory of all those wonderful high school and university days, when I could live on donuts and coffee (and somehow managed to avoid obesity…) These days I eat a string bean and the scales go “Ooomph!”


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