Willow’s Q

Letter Q for Willow…Willow’s a fashionable little girl, about to turn 1, with a blog of her own and a crafty, creative mama.  A year ago Willow’s mum asked each of her friends to make a creative, displayable letter or number for Willow’s wall…both a great way to decorate a nursery, and teach the baby her letters and numbers at the same time.

I chose the letter Q.


5 thoughts on “Willow’s Q

  1. This is really cute & I think it’s a great idea to decorate with art made by friends. It’s certainly a lot more meaningful than something picked up at the store


    1. Thanks, Denise! I couldn’t agree with you more, homemade decorations and presents top store-bought every time! But Christine is having trouble getting all of the friends who committed to the project to actually come up with the work, now, so there is a downside to relying on gifts from friends! She may end up having to make or buy all the missing letters, herself. 🙂


      1. hey I would make a letter for little Willow….hell I make fabric postcards and swap them with strangers from around the world…i have 4 daughters It would be nice to know another little girl was learning to read and write and enjoy “Lettters” those letters bring lots of joy
        cheers Shazz


        1. Shazz, you are some sort of craft angel! I have no idea which letters are missing, but I seem to recall Christine was low on vowels. The link to Willow’s blog is embedded in the post, if you want to get in touch with Christine herself…
          I do the occasional mail art piece, as well; it’s a good feeling, knowing you have labored over a small work of art and have sent it out to a stranger on the other side of the world…


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