Crazy Circus Chair (Book 902, and already gone!)

Remember this?

I love old chairs, especially the leather ones with deep wings and curly legs…but instead of the standard upholstery, I like to dress my dream chairs up in glossy red leather and stripey gold and pink silk brocade—inspired by gypsy circus tents, Tim Burton, goth-queen ballgowns, and Angela Carter’s “The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffman”! I made this painting a couple of months ago, but finally made up a journal with it, which was the plan all along, last Monday (or thereabouts).

I put the finished journal in my online shops the following day, and this morning woke up to find that it had sold to a long time Flickr contact of mine—the amazing photographer and artist salbug00! Yay!

I’m thrilled that she liked it enough to brave the steep postage and shipping fees (did you know that the U.S. Customs asks a US$ 9.00 surcharge for any parcel that is over 500 grams (1.10 lb.)…it’s bad enough Australia Post’s International Shipping fees are highway robbery, but with this U.S. tariff on top, salbug00 may be the last North American buyer I will ever see!

It went soooo quickly, but I thought I’d post pictures of it here, just to say “Hey, look what I made!” Yes, folks, the Crazy Circus Chair Journal was here, briefly.

May it bring joy and offer a quiet place of solace and refuge to its new owner.


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