Nightmare drawings (a couple of NSFW ones)

The deadline for The Sketchbook Project 2011 has come around, alas, and I have to say that I am disappointed in myself…I had hoped to do so much more for this project, but with just 6 weeks to work on it, I have done very poorly. I took the topic too seriously, and because I don’t actually have nightmares, it was difficult to come up with anything I felt strongly about.

Oh, well, at least the paper’s fabulous! (I used a gorgeous ivory-toned translucent Gilclear vellum) and there are a few humdingers among these mediocre drawings, if I do say so myself!  The NSFW ones are on the second page, so if you don’t think you have the stomach for sexually-explicit-meets-slimy-creatures, then stay on Page 1!

I started out with a few copies of old engravings of lovely women, filling their heads in with things seen in Ernst Haeckel’s Kunstformen der Natur…by the third woman I was bored shitless. Even with the heads of bats or buffaloes, these genteel Frauen manage to come across as perfectly bland, and as though they’d still behave better than I would at a High Tea. Maybe its in the body language?

I tried working on my own nightmares, but I don’t really have nightmares…certainly not the horror-type nightmares. Mine are so grounded in reality that it’s depressing. I’m screaming, but no sound is coming out, at my parents, or at a brick wall (same damn thing).

I DO dream about blood, raw meat, murder, and gore, but they aren’t nightmares because I’m usually the one doing all the murdering, and I’m enjoying it, and I wake up feeling absolutely WONDERFUL after some of those dreams. Go figure…

And then I have the inanimate object nightmare, where I am looking at some ordinary household object, and it starts to move toward me. The terror is incredible, my mouth goes dry, my heart rate speeds up…it’s just…ridiculous.

From a dream I had last night. Not scary, just weird. It felt so real, too…

And that’s it (apart from the two on teh next page…ahem)!

Just 9 drawings, so half-heartedly done and so uninspired…too bad. Oh, well, it’s just what it is. I really loved the covers for this sketchbook, though! I will do one of my own, I think, and I’ll have untramelled fun with that! And no, no more manga-meets-seafood, I promise! My Sketchbook Project goes in the mail tomorrow.


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