On beautiful days like this…

there’s nothing Aussie men like better than to ‘get loose’ and go fishing! Hope they caught something, at least; they were fishing next to our boat for hours.

My favorite bait to catch a barra or some threadfin salmon is a twenty-dollar bill, works a treat, I get one every single time.

In El Nido we used to eat fish all the time…the fishermen living down the beach from us would send their kids over every morning at 5:30 with whatever they had caught. Often Kris and I would draw the fish before cooking it…Kris was more diligent about this. There was something romantic and old-fashioned about compiling our own Natural History of the area we lived in. Here are some pages from Kris’ journal of the time:

orange fish (!?)
Parrot Fish


2 thoughts on “On beautiful days like this…

  1. that’s cool, my significant other goes beach fishing once a year to Yallata, far west coast of SA, for 2 weeks… loves the isolation. I think it is about the getting loose really, the planning takes all year. At the moment he is in build up , trip is in 4 weeks, he is just like a darwin storm. the anticipation is getting to him and ME
    Love those paintings they have great personalities….


    1. Ah, Shazz! 🙂 Finally went over to your site, loving the way you show the seasons passing on your farm, and the way your own beautiful needlework is juxtaposed against a landscape of fence posts and hay.
      I’ve only gone fishing once, with two Filipino fishermen…no rods, just plastic spools of nylon line. Caught two coral trout and a barracuda. Meh, end of my fishing career. It WAS amazing to be out in the middle of nowhere before light, I have to say, smoking to keep warm and talking fish hooks with two taciturn men…it was like being in a Marlboro advertisement, when that harmonica music starts up. 🙂 The British used to call it “character forming”.


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