The End, part 2 : : Gallimaufry

gallimaufry |ˌgaləˈmôfrē| noun a confused jumble or medley of things, a dish made of leftovers. ORIGIN mid 16th cent.: from archaic French galimafrée ‘unappetizing dish,’ perhaps from Old French galer ‘have fun’ + Picard mafrer ‘eat copious quantities.’

One last mixed bag of pictures from this year, because I didn’t post to my blog as often as I should have/could have—a pity because some of these deserve at least a cursory look, and I wouldn’t feel right posting or writing about these pictures any time in 2011…there is bound to be so much new material to work with and digest next year, why serve up leftovers?

The Year in Embroidery…

Left to right, from the top: 1)Faster, Pussycat! Movie-based embroidery for the Phat Quarter swap; 2)The Key To The Door In The Mountain embroidery on tulle in a cigar tin, inspired by a poem by Jean Valentine, for the Darwin Visual Arts Association’s Annual Member’s Show; 3)Allium Flora journal (Book 876); my first attempt at the technique in soandso’s book The Embroiderer’s Floral 4)The Sorceress of Serendip, 3D art doll on a journal cover; 5)Red brocade Spool Bird, red cotton floss on linen. My take on the bird softie pattern available on’s site; 6)Nightmare, blackwork on black Moleskine cahier for The Sketchbook Project 2011 in Brooklyn, NY; 7)okay, you’re sick of these felt cookies. So am I! 8.) Book 879, appliquéd, quilted and embroidered journal, now the property of Mademoiselle Dassenoy, who went home to Belgium; 9)my first Spool bird, done in regular fabrics…eventually went on a journey by bicycle through the Tanami Desert, as my Belovéd’s mascot.

A Daytrip to Kakadu National Park…

Left to right, from the top: 1)My Beloved’s rough and rather unlovely toes serve as a background to some amazingly small works of wild beauty; 2) & 3) local flora; 4)bushfire in the mulga; 5)a prehistoric penthouse with amazing views, at the top of Ubirri; 6) & 7)more nature shots… 8)the ubiquitous sun-bleached beer can tells you two things: Aussies love their beer, and some people are filthy swine; 9) & 10)views of the floodlands and sky, from the top of Ubirri; 11)an aboriginal rock painting of Namarrgon, the Lightning Man, at 12)a rosella flower, taken at Bukbukluk

Bits & Pieces Of Life…

Just a few of the reasons why I loved 2010 (left to right, starting at the top):

  1. a new bicycle! Ruby Belle…white-walled tires, chain guard, wicker basket…she’s just the cutest little thing! I love my treadlie…I never learned to drive a car, and a few years ago I realized that I no longer want to learn. Bikes are Better, in Every Way.
  2. fun photo shoots with my friend Melanie, and my honorary godchild, Charlotte. They went back to Germany for good just a few weeks ago. I will miss them both. Charlotte was my favorite photo subject…spontaneous and full of life, a delightful little girl.
  3. moulding and casting workshop with Ewan Wood…I have always wanted to know how to cast little things, and Ewan gave us a great little introduction to the craft. Ewan himself does amazing work for museums and such, producing life-like reproductions of anything, from potatoes to crocodiles; he was my studio neighbor at the Darwin Visual Arts Association, and whenever he was painting one of his crocodiles I would hang around to watch and just be a general pest…
  4. homegrown tomatoes! Our first crop on the boat…they were really sweet, lusscious and YUMMY!
  5. the iSmoke, my hubby’s piece for the DVAA Annual Member’s Show, makes fun of Apple products, geeks, smokers, and consumers, with his gadget in a cigar tin.
  6. I drew my life! Well, for a few days, anyway, just small parts of my life. Inspired by Michael Nobbs’s Start to Draw Your Life e-book, and the rest of his Sustainably Creative blog.
  7. Kris made a few sculptures this year…my favorite is his snail-powered recumbent bicycle. This was meant to go into the Sculpture in The Park, but that show didn’t go ahead this year, due to administrative and bureaucratic difficulties. We did a fun photo shoot for the piece at the Holmes Jungle.
  8. I got the 750 Words habit…and then fell off the wagon a few days before I hit the 100 day mark and 100,000 words. Lost all my badges, and never even got a glimpse of that Pheonix. Too funny, dropping the ball like that, just when you think “it’s all sweet downhill coasting from here”…LOL I will crawl back on the wagon, as an effing ignominious egg, tonight. In the meantime, here’s a curious screenshot from the thoughts/emotions stats on one of my stranger days: Feeling mostly: HAPPY. Concerned mostly about: DEATH. wtf?
  9. Kris, on the recumbent bicycle he built at home, in the middle of his Old Tanami Track journey. He rode Some folks in 4-wheel drives stopped to take the pics, and were nice enough to e-mail them to us. All part of Kris’s love affair with solitude, big open spaces, adventure, the Outback, and bicycles The new book he has just finished writing, Bicycle Dreaming, launches in late January next year.

Q: What about the list, though, hmm?

A: List? what list?

Q: That one with all those things you said you were going to do…

A: Oh. That list. *sigh* I didn’t do too well with that list.

1. Fill a sketchbook with drawings (FAIL)

2. Join a group and complete a 365 photo challenge (FAIL)

3. grow a lovely veggie and flower garden on the boat …yeesh! (FAIL)(Note: I have tomatoes and basil, so not a total failure. But not the self-reliant gardening I initially wanted.)

4. “Random Acts of Crewelty” : Have An Exhibit in 2011 (okay, not technically over yet, there’s hope for this one!)

5. The Phat Quarter Swap: Movies!

6. Sew a Spool Bird: “Red Brocade Bird”

7. Sew at least one item with each of the patterns in my collection (FAIL)

8. Make a group of 15 journals using the Allium flower technique (Note: I have made 3 journals with Allium flowers on them.)

9. Framed, embroidered pendants and jewelry (FAIL)

10. Read 10 books before the end of the year

11. Use up all my small canvases…paint lots of small paintings! (FAIL)

12. Write 4 poems (FAIL…no, make that SPECTACULAR FAIL!)

13. Craft a series of patchworked journals and mini quilts (20) (FAIL, FAIL, FAIL)

14. Craft 12 Bijou (miniature) books using existing materials (FAIL)

15. Complete the August Challenge on

Who gives a rat’s ass, anyway? *laughs out loud*

Meh, better luck next year!

Happy New Year, everybody!


5 thoughts on “The End, part 2 : : Gallimaufry

  1. Is your Cup half full or half empty…. I bet you could write a list of lots of things you did that you hadn’t planned on doing, much more fun.
    thanks for the blog…. I like reading your take on things.
    It would be great not to be tied down, living on a boat creating beautiful things.
    Only problem with a farm… animals and business rely on us being here 24/7..
    Happy New Year and well Done


    1. Shazz! Happy New Year to you and..the rest of the farm!
      You’re right, I’m more than happy with everything the year brought me. Only the self knows what it is capable of, or how much time was spent procrastinating, or frittering the hours away on facebook! *sigh*
      Thank you for taking the time to read what I come up with…it helps to know that someone is on the other end!
      We’re all tied down to one thing or another! A boat is a big responsibility, especially in a cyclone area. You can’t leave it, either, and when we travel by boat we are limited to staying on the coast because if you leave your boat for even one night, you’ll come back to find it looted or gone. And one imperious cat is no less dependent than a herd of cows or a barnful of chooks: it’s impossible to leave either! Kris and I are actually taking turns traveling this year…because someone has to “stay home with Dude”! 🙂
      But it is the weight of the things that tie us to this life that give our existence some meaning. It is nice to be needed, even if it is only by a fat cat. A weightless life can leave you feeling adrift…which is I think what Kundera was trying to say in his book “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”…love, and other concerns, can tie you down, and yet free you in other ways.
      Wishing you a year weighed down with love and the gentle domesticities of a happy home life!


    1. Ah, Denise, nobody lives a daggy, boring life on the internet! 😀 That’s the magic of photo collages and the super-concentrated flavor of life rolled into one blog post! ha ha ha, actually, life was steady, often very quiet and ‘homey’, but there was a good, regular outflow of small creative worsk, plus dashes of friendship and travel to give some spice. Not the jet-setting life of, say, The Sartorialist, or the overdose of gorgeousness experienced by the celebrity blogger, but hey, a life, and not a terrible one. I could have done worse! (But I hope to do better this year!) You’ll have an awesome 2011, no doubt, and I shall be watching from the wings.


  2. “Who gives a rat’s ass, anyway? *laughs out loud*
    Meh, better luck next year!
    Happy New Year, everybody!”

    Wahahaha! Mismo! Happy New Year, Nat! 😀


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