The Nightmare :: beating it into submission

The cover’s almost there…I’ll be working it into the corners, today…

soon, my lovelies, soon…. (cackle)

(oh, and psst! there’s a tutorial for blackwork on paper on my other blog)

and for those embroiderers out there…here’s the Back Side of the Dark Side:


5 thoughts on “The Nightmare :: beating it into submission

  1. Well I would never of thought to put blackwork on the cover, what a great idea. I quite like the back side of the dark side, perhaps paint over it to keep the texture instead of hiding it?


  2. Oooo! So mysterious! I love the texture and the little skull is just precious. I am interested about how you will make the back smooth – a bit of light cardboard and then endpapers? Oh, man, I can imagine the sorts of endpapers a book like this deserves.


    1. Ha, Finn! I am trying to keep the bulk down, as it is just a skinny notebook and I have yet to bind some decent paper pages into it. I was actually thinking along the lines of black silk/satin to cover the mess? No idea if it will work, will see how it goes. I can’t be too precious about it, the sketchbook needs to be in the post by Jan 15. *deep breaths, strategies for calming down…*


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