A multiple design orgasm : : IdN™ Magazine®

four back issues of IdN magazine

I feel like all my Christmases came at once. Today. After work.

I try to buy IdN Magazine whenever I can…not such an easy thing to do, since the one newsagent extant in Darwin City only ever stocks two or three copies of this graphic design bi-monthly mag, and the dozen or so graphic designers and/or aficionados of Darwin must compete like questing knights to get to the shelves on the very day that the new issue becomes available, the first three taking the precious sangraal in their trembling hands and, whilst fending the other, vulture-like rivals off, and securing their copy at the register. Mandatory gloating at a nearby café follows this strenuous feat.

Every issue has:

  • maybe 2 ads in it, followed by a solid block of fabulous work from the best designers
  • the dopest illustration, print, and motion graphics from all over the world (and they don’t just tell you about the motion graphics, they show you the motion graphics…on the DVD that comes with every issue)
  • a mix of pages made from different fancy papers, so you can see how each kind works with offset lithography
  • a good mix of both big and small graphic design studios, showcasing both high-end commercial work done for huge clients like Sony, and the quirky little self-initiated projects that designers do for love, or self-promotion, or just because (and I like these better).

It’s my absolute favorite magazine. Nothing inspires or excites me more (and I’ve looked at quite a few graphic design and popular culture/art/design magazines). This sort of quality, needless to say, makes it expensive. But I would never hesitate to buy the next issue, because the stuff on those pages sustains me for years, and good design never really gets old.

So when I came across two pairs of back issues—that’s four issues that I didn’t have yet— bundled together in one plastic sleeve and labelled  “2 for the price of 1” I nearly wet myself, and had to re-read the price tag to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood. I don’t know why the newsagent was selling them off like this…even on IdN’s website, these same back issues are going for $15 each; but I know better than to bring that up with the folks at the newsagent! I grabbed the two packs and raced through the checkout, not quite believing my luck and expecting some owlish old manager-lady to poke her head up from among the magazine aisles and say “Oh, NO, dearie, they’ve made a mistake, that’s the price for a single issue.” The tingly bladder feeling didn’t fade until I was on my bicycle, coasting away downhill from the mall, and it’s coffee shops and newsagents had disappeared from view.

 IdN v16n3: Typography Issue - In their own words

Of course, when I got home I was still so elated at having scored four whole issues of my favoritest magazine for half-price that I couldn’t concentrate enough to read any of them. I kept hopping from one to another, flipping the pages so fast that they stirred up an inky-smelling breeze. So I’ve put them in a neat stack on my desk, and am saving them for the weekend, when I can read them slowly, in the good morning light, and savor the gorgeous images, the clever ideas,  and the sheer brilliance of the world’s hottest designers between my trembling hands.

via  IdN™ Magazine®


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