sewing : : a Spool bird softie

I guess I could’ve/should’ve used the sewing machine to make this, it would’ve gone faster. But I couldn’t be bothered, this weekend, to fire up the petrol generator (I live on a solar-powered boat) and make all that noise + use fuel, just to stitch up a soft toy–so this has been stitched by hand.

It’s my first attempt at this pattern, and one of the few times I’ve attempted a soft sculpture, so consequently it’s a little bumpy and puckered…I just wanted to see what making it felt like before I committed myself to making two dozen of them (I have two little girls in mind)

I found the pattern for this gorgeous little bird on and am grateful to the folks who have shared it so freely. I love the smooth simplicity of the form even better than if it had been more realistic (with wings, eyes and such, which idea I considered, but rejected in the end).

This prototype goes in the post to my husband, who is currently cycling from Darwin to Adelaide on his own, without GPS or technology of any sort. She’ll be his “direction-finding dove” (named after Michael Leunig’s “Direction-finding Duck”.) She fell breast-first into the coffee cup after I took this picture, so she’s been Colombian-coffee-christened (and scented), which only means he’ll love her even more…

There’s a Flickr group just for these birds, so if you download the pattern and try your hand at a Spool bird, remember to share it with other enthusiasts!

Bird Mobile from
Bird Mobile from

via Spool Sewing » Blog Archive » Bird Mobile.


5 thoughts on “sewing : : a Spool bird softie

  1. My best friend in Florida gave me one of these charming birds a few years ago, and I just met another bird lover, so I thought I would make one for her today. I was happy to find the pattern on line so quickly… now I can get started, and make several.

    I love your story.


  2. hello.. how funny you just posted this! I made a little bird today too from the spool pattern. I sewed mine by hand also.. but.. How did you get your tail to look so good? please help a newbie out.. how did you finish the tail? 🙂
    Love the fabric you chose.


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