It’s in the bag

july bag detail

I did a major cleanup in my studio this morning, and then, because I am essentially starting a new season, I was in the mood to paint some personalized calendar pages.


I usually do a few months at a time, in the pages of my large visual diary, but because it’s a heavy book I tend not to use it often, or keep it where I can see it, and still end up forgetting important dates and missing deadlines.

This time I decided to make loose pages that I could post on my studio wall. A quick hunt through my stockroom for suitable paper yielded half-a-dozen brown paper shopping bags, so I used them instead.

august bagseptember bag

three months

Besides looking quirky on the wall, I can throw all those bits of paper that turn up during the month into the bag—where they’ll stay put until I can sort them out.

One thought on “It’s in the bag

  1. And this is why you’re famous on the DIY planner site. (Oh, darn… well that might be a stretch. However there *is* a link *somehow* from there to your Flickr pages. Which is how I found you. And these bags *are* excellent.)


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