Encarnación: real and imagined women

Cion web 21

Apologies for the long silence, there…as the opening day of my exhibition loomed I was caught up in last-minute work, as well as having to repaint the gallery walls, hang the pieces, and prepare the food for opening night.

hand-embroidered on cotton handkerchief
hand-embroidered on cotton handkerchief

All up there were 16 separate pieces on show and, although I was worried they were too small and too few to fill the gallery, once I had everything up I realized there wasn’t room for much more than what I had. Thank heavens it was a small room!

So many friends turned up for the 6 pm opening that, at the beginning, there was no room in the little gallery for us to do more than stand still, holding our champagne glasses protectively under our chins and craning over each other’s shoulders to view the walls. My especial thanks to Dave and Jan Tassel, Jan Carter, Melanie Ketterer and Katrin Ladurner, Sarah Pirrie, Bob and Alison Watt, Jo and Ruth Gerke, Helena Blundell, Mark Misic and Bek Mifsud, Laws, Maria, Claire…and a dozen others who dropped in to have a look, a drink, a chat. My deepest gratitude to Lisa Wolfgramm, DVAA’s fabulously efficient administrator, who was just wonderful about everything, and to Kris Larsen, my best friend and belovéd, for the thousand invisible helps and his strong, steady love and encouragement leading up to my first solo exhibit.

You’ll find a dog’s breakfast of pictures from the exhibition, as well as pictures of works-in-progress, research, and inspirations, in my Flickr set Señorita Encarnación.


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