Dead laptop

So my Macbook is dead…the morning after my last post about Los Nevados, it refused to start up again. All backed up, no worries, but I won’t be able to get another till I’m back in Australia, employed and earning.

Will see if I can find a cheap no-name tablet at the shops tomorrow. If not, it may be very quiet around here for a loooong time…Our next stop (in three weeks’ time) will be Haiti, then Jamaica…don’t expect many internet encounters in either place (we are not going to the capitals or big cities) I sure hope this doesn’t mean I’ll have to wait till an internet cafe in Cuba! That’s not happening until…May? :(

I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you for following this blog, for all your lovely comments, for the encouragement and enthusiasm you’ve shown-some of you, for years!–and the lively discussions we’ve had, on occasion, around here. I will let you know how I fare in my search for an affordable and acceptable substitute blogging tool.Fingers crossed!

Bear with me…

Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter for 15- and 17...
Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapter for 15- and 17-inch MacBook Pro (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Minor home tragedy has occurred…my Macbook’s charger got its positive and negative pins crossed, yesterday (ahem, while I won’t mention any names, I’d like to point out that it was the Mr. Handy Man of the house who re-wired the plug…because he said I’d gotten them mixed up and had wired it wrong. Hah!), made an awful sizzling noise, and gave off the acrid fumes of deep fried circuit boards…all in the one second before I could run to unplug the thing.

So. No charger until I order a new one. Mine was modified to plug into a automobile’s cigarette lighter socket and charge straight from a 12-volt DC battery—without using an energy inefficient inverter—by the effing geniuses at MCT, Inc.seriously, I owe these guys, big time, for the technology I enjoy whilst living on a boat out in the harbor…these are my real heroes, not the pikers at Apple)

That’s nearly 200 smackeroos…thank you very much, Apple, for being such a bunch of snobs and designing the oh-so-exclusive, nobody-else-is-allowed-to-manufacture, fits-with-nothing-else-on-the-planet Magsafe Adapter.

In the meantime, the Macbook battery that they said lasted 8 hours, lasts 4, if you’re lucky. If I wanted to blog or check e-mail and RSS posts, I’d have to row ashore everyday, cycle into town, and plug my laptop into the power grid at the library or something. Weh. I’d much rather stay home and go into seriously intense creative mode. Things are going to be a bit quiet around here until my new charger arrives from the U.S. Sorry ’bout that.

In the meantime, go and check out Catherine Frere-Smith’s little embroidered bird softies, which have me in a paroxysm of love and envy at the moment. She was going to be my next über embroiderer, but it can’t wait till my power struggles are resolved…you really should go and have a look at this fresh blog post now.