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Pomp & Circumstance, ver.2

H.M.S. Pomp & Circumstance 2

What I did on Easter Sunday and Monday: Repainted the H.M.S. Pomp & Circumstance on a larger canvas.

I loved the idea of a city-ship with an animal figurehead, lurching through green waves and clouds, but the first version of this illustration was too small (5″ x 7″) and a bit cluttered. I’ve streamlined my ideas, since, and cleaned up my city, and am liking this version much better!

My apologies to those of you who purchased a Society6 print of the first version and now feel cheated! I just couldn’t help myself, after I saw the bigger Society6 prints, and how terrible the tiny image, enlarged to 13″ x 16″ and every bump of canvas showing, looked… (Psst! Moonike, message me!)

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Craft-bottomed girls, get on your bikes and ride!

A girly retro pink bicycle, resplendent with wire baskets and crocheted doily wheels—don’t snigger, this is actually a pretty accurate representation of the bicycle I still ride…only mine’s red and named Ruby Belle—sets off (on her own, because I wasn’t confident enough to paint a rider!) to have an adventure some place exotic and fabulous!

Just posted this in my Society6 shop today.

Art is afoot…society6 has added rugs to their list of products.

The original was painted some years ago, and disappeared en route to Germany by post. Luckily, I took high-res pictures.


Handmade journals with this design are coming, too…no, not on Society6! I mean my own handmade and bound journals, covered in beautiful linen-cotton canvas (as soon as I get my Spoonflower fabric…I’M SO EXCITED!). Stay tuned!

paints and pens, stuff i've made

A vintage cosmetic travel case, tarted up.

Jacobean case

There’s been a lot of interest in the fabric. It’s P. kaufmann’s “Brissac”…also available in the colourway ‘sea glass’. GORGEOUS stuff.

So here’s what I did with my time yesterday: I have been meaning to tackle this project ever since Kris found this vintage cosmetic travel case at the dump a few years ago.

It was very dirty and discolored, but structurally still perfect, and it took hardly any time at all to wipe the leather down with methylated spirits, give the case 3 or 4 coats of matte pastel green acrylic primer, and then paint some crazy Jacobean flowers on the lid. I lifted the flower designs from a gorgeous piece of upholstery fabric in my stash, thinking I would line the inside of the case with it, and the lid would match. Not so sure about that plan, now…at $70 a metre, it’s the most expensive fabric I own, and  I’m reluctant to use it on just anything. We’ll see.

I finally fixed the case up because I need something to hold my greeting cards at craft markets, and after toying with various DIY card rack and display stand ideas, thought it would be simpler (and cuter) to just stand all the cards in this little lockable case.

Jacobean case

Jacobean case

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art print : : Legends meet

Legends Meet by the smallest forest on Society6Another illustration I’ve managed to scan and post for sale as an art print. Mostly paint, but the ship is cut from tea-stained paper (a biography of Mata Hari…I soaked the whole book in tea many years ago, and have been using it very slowly in various mixed-media and other small projects…such as book beads, and making kusudama.

The original is very small (5″ x 7″) so even scanned on high settings, the largest print Society6 can offer (based on my original scan) is 13″ x 18″ (330mm x 457mm).

If you go today, there’s a promo spread across the whole site—$5 off each item and free shipping worldwide—and an archival Giclée print of 13″ x 18″, on 100% cotton paper, costs a whopping US$19.00 on my page. Pretty amazing. I even ordered prints of my own stuff, the prices were too good to pass up! Bought some to keep (originals had been sold) and others to add to my craft market offerings. Can’t wait for the prints to arrive, I am dying to see how my illustrations translate.

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more teacups…

gold roses tea cup

Gold Roses of the Sun…a one-line poem from Monochords by the Greek poet Yannis Ritsos; a teacup inspired by Islamic tiles, a tea-stained page from a book about Australian Literature…

Still making teacup illustrations. I have done 7 or 8, now. It’s impossible to paint teacup after teacup, and not get fancier and more ambitious as I go. I really can’t repeat a series of steps over and over, it bores me silly…I don’t know how other artists do it! For me, every teacup has to trump the one before; I have to accumulate what I’ve learned previously, and bring that to bear on the next illustration. Eventually I will hit a ceiling, where my teacups (or anything else I’m illustrating) become so baroque, so slick, ornate, and extravagant, that they are monstrous and kitschy, and the balloon I have been soaring in pops, sinking slowly back to earth again.

The Sea Dog’s Teacup, below, is maybe two or three cups away from that point at which my designs and ideas will collapse under their own weight. Still, it was fun while it lasted, and I loved, loved, loved drawing the seascape and albatross on the side of the cup…as well as the magic realism of the sailing ship inside it.

And just for fun, I’ve posted it on Society6, as well (everything I make, pretty much, is going to go on there from now on…sorry if it gets boring, but a girl’s gotta pay for her art materials and South American adventure somehow! ;)

Sea Dog's tea cup

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Society6 promo : : 48 hours left


It’s midnight, in Pacific time, and the day of March the 8th is just about to start.

That means 48 hours to go before the end of the crazy sale on Society6 at midnight Pacific Time on March 9th. They’ve chopped $5 off the price of most items in my Society6 shop, AND offered free shipping worldwide on top of it, now’s your chance to pick up some of my stuff (if there was anything you saw on this blog and liked). This deal was so good that I actually went and bought some of my own prints, for the first time ever, so that I can check up on the quality of the products, and have copies of my own work (most of which were sent off into the world soon after they were made, and never seen again)!

I am still really new to all this, and so I don’t have a whole lot posted on there, yet. I’m working on it. In the meantime, here’s what I’ve got to offer (click a picture to access the special promo…if you go to the website the normal way, special prices and free shipping don’t apply).

Dresden Doll by Smallest Forest on Sosciety6

Always Be A Mermaid by The Smallest Forest on Society6

Green TEa with Moths and Moon by The Smallest Forest on society6

H.M.S. Pomp & Circumstance by The Smallest Forest on society6

paints and pens, stuff i've made

Tea for two (and free shipping on Society6 prints!)

levender front mock

A couple of designs on the subject of tea, in anticipation of a tea-themed Mother’s Day craft event in April. Another four designs are coming, as soon as I can get the originals scanned. I’m still pretty hopeless at this online hustling :)

Green Tea with Moths and Moon

Tea with Lady Lavender iPhone case

These are available as cards, art prints, and iPhone cases on my Society6 page…and until the 9th of March you can get free shipping on the art prints by clicking on the button below…

Free Shipping on Art Prints till March 9

paints and pens, stuff i've made

The Pocket Alpaca

pocket alpacaCouldn’t resist sharing this funny guy with you…he’s one of 9 strange-ified animals I’ve done, so far, for a group show in the middle of the year. Other characters are a Spangled Jerboa, a Scaly Marmoset, an Arctic Salmon, an Omniscient Raven, an Elizabethan-Ruffed Lemur, a Panzer Wombat, a Wooly Armadillo, and a Firehaas (or Firestarter Hare). They all began life as a left-handed drawing, which I wrote about in the post Sinister drawings. (They were painted with my right hand, though.)

A playful bunch, and so much fun to make!

So it hasn’t been all family drama and birthday cake…I’m chugging along steadily, making things, doing things…just not blogging about things, much, because we’re still having problems with our solar power on the boat. If you see the sun, tell him we miss him in Darwin.