Thank you, Miri…I promise that I will never, ever die. ;)

Good for a chuckle, considering how over-played “Happy” has been, of late.

It’s a Wonderful Life/Happy mashup by Tough Poets Publishing (a.k.a Rick Schober) on youtube

On a cold morning in Darwin, I’m dreaming of islands in the high tropics…

This gorgeous little film of Palawan From the Air by Scott Sporleder is the perfect way to start a daydreaming session. I lived here (El Nido, Palawan) for 7 years.

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Love Hornsby’s voice in this, and I adore Pomplamoose. Enjoy!

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…and I’m groovy like 70s pinball


An amazing documentary (90 minutes long) about making music, that speaks to all artists.

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